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Silverstein – Die Alone Lyrics

Silverstein – Die Alone Lyrics

What will it take to make you believe me?
The years of trust are long
I’ve carefully carved the sculptures
That kept you holding on
I’m the tallest tree
You’re the saddest sun
So take my words and don’t replace them
With lies you’ve told yourself

We share a common enemy
It’s everyone and everything
There’s no one there
No one can save you
You think I’m holding back?
Just wait to see me do my worst
You’re gonna call this an attack?
You ain’t seen nothing yet
Without me
You’re nothing

We stomped them out and cut their throats
Only violence gave us hope
And no one cares
No one will save you
And if you think I’m holding back
Just wait, you’re gonna see something
Without me
You’re nothing
You’re gonna die all alone

You traitor
We had a pact we would never surrender
No hope
No prayers
Only lies, there was never an answer
So you can carry on yourself
Alone, depressed and not with me
Because you only bring me down anyway

Without me
You’re nothing
You’re gonna die all alone
You’re gonna die all alone

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