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Lil Ronny MothaF – Face Your Fears Lyrics

Lil Ronny MothaF – Face Your Fears Lyrics

No groceries in the fridge or the cabinets

We aint have shit now we havin

No bed no room just a pallet

Momma aint got it so don’t ask for it

Now these niggas watch like a patek

We aint have shit now we having

I aint graduate I aint walk the stage

But every weekend a nigga rock a stage

Free all of my niggas let em out the cage

He played wide receiver then he caught a case


You know ima star and this is outer space

Flyer than a ufo

You lil niggas do the most

Took my rug to tutoring you know I got a stupid flow

Green pouring in this shit look just like mucus flow

Bitch stop playing and let me beat like the producer hoe

Thinking you can use me

Psh you can use the door

And here’s a couple hundred baby I know you could use the doe

I didn’t have a bed I use to use the floor

But now its sealy posturepedic when im laying low

Ill sleep on hot coal before I sleep on myself

I can’t trust no bitch I rather sleep by myself

Not a blood but I just rather “B” by myself

And that’s true

Not a crip but you can come and “C” for yourself

Im MothaF triple D what I rep

Aint no yes men around me they tell me bout myself

And that keep me grounded

Like a kid that just can’t stay out of trouble

I just got another piece like a puzzle

Gold Pres On my neck look like a puddle


I know you see the form on this jumper

Nothing but net that’s how you coming

But you claim that you a steppa and you stomping


Everybody wanna be the tough guy

I dont even understand the fuck why

You can’t aint fight they got guns now

These niggas will kill you for a bust eye

These niggas will kill you for a bust down

So if you got your watch out

Then you better watch out

If I give him a band my lil niggas gone rock out

But instead I gave him a band and told that nigga don’t drop out

That’s what im talking bout

I change the narrative

We gotta switch this shit up for our children

Im starting to see more divorces than marriages

We gotta do better this shit embarrassing

We gotta check ourselves

If don’t nobody shid we gone respect ourselves

We can’t neglect ourselves

Im always learning shid I can’t reject ideas

Its cool to admit you scared but don’t you run from em shid you gotta face your fears