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Bones – Propellers Lyrics Lyrics

Bones – Propellers Lyrics Lyrics

My blades jumping like propellers
My aim is to be the illest
I pop up and then I vanish
[?] rock ’em like Amadeus
The underworld’s legend
The cemetery dweller
Bones acting like a (arf!)
Know I’ll never get to Heaven
Put a pistol to the reverend
Rollin’ dope, I’m never finished
R.I.P. to all my enemies
Got the juice like I’m devin
Brain torn like intersections
When you hit them with the way
Bloody red ’round the razor blade

Go the bed, good night, wanna ride on me
Why you switching sides on me?
Hope I’m not a problem
Say you wanna ride with me
‘Till you in the sky with me
Hope I’m not a problem

With this rap shit, all I do is drop drop drop
Like a habit, gotta have it never stop stop stop
Smooth like cocoa butter, double parking, drop the top
Under pressure, never stutter, I proceed to make it bop
Every time, every line, every beat I gotta rip it
“Give it time, give it time”, fuck that, right now I need it
I’m blind, I never see ’em
I’m death, it never happened
Bitch I’m Bones, fuck I look like I’m dressing some of these rappers do?

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