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Bones – LFG Lyrics

Bones – LFG Lyrics

I know that you want to fuck on me baby
I got no time baby, fuck out the way
Fuck with my brothers, I’m breaking your brain
Talk to me nice or don’t talk to me, ayy (Ayy)
Ballin’ for the top, I’m all in
Jumpin’ from the line like Jordan
Money wanna talk, I’m all in
Money like J.P. Morgan
Psycho my neck, and my wrist going crazy
Chances of falling, I stay money shady, baby
What you wanna talk about?
We can take off for the night, yeah
Baby, tell me how you want it
I’ma give it to you right on time
Tick tock, go the clock
One hand on the blunt other hand on the Glock

I break a bag, I make it so unforgettable, baby
She bring it back, baby you so unforgettable (Unforgettable)
Look at the time, I gotta go
I’m in her mind, I know what she know
She love me so, she go where I go
Baby I’m never forgetting you

Big body Range, you swang in a Pinto
Fucked in my brain, put a bullet in your mental
Yup, I’m a pain, I’ma find out all your info
Dump all my name in her mouth like dental
Braces, spacing, counting blue faces
LASIK, I’ll be coming, pull up with them lasers
Ancient diamonds, throw back, shining
Peppa P, only fuck with throwbacks, wilding