Bones – EarlGrey Lyrics

Bones - EarlGrey Lyrics

Bones – EarlGrey Lyrics

This my Exposé
Bones in the prime like Metroid (ay)
I don’t need a nine just to get my way
Earl Grey tea, too hot, gotta wait
Fucking with somebody that I love, gotta pay
Motherfuck rap, this is y’all last day
Brain make pain, my lane unnamed
Take two to the neck, then forget my name
Lot of things will, but Bones will never change
SESH remain past my dying day
Kids so nice, dope so mean
Blunt guts trail lead you to the team
Backwood trails three miles when I wake
Trying to think of thoughts every breath that I take
Easier said than done, early morning try to beat the sun

Oh shit, it happened and I can’t be happy
So I feel defended that’s just how I’m packing it
After the accolades, after the casualty
Mo’fuck the boogeyman, I don’t want that at me

I don’t know, kicking in the front door with the .44
Chain never hit me, that a no go
She just wanna be on me like a logo (logo, logo)
Hundred blunt wraps in a monogrammed duffel
I swing blades, I ain’t worried about muscle
Must me braindead, try to reach for my pockets
Open hands, slap your dumb ass like Piana
Michigan misfit, uptown legend
I’mma keep quiet, I’mma let you tell it
Put me on the spot, let me rock like Petty
Put me in the ground before I get too heavy
Nights always hard but my days seem fine
My mind change when the sky lose light
Sun go down, I’m filled with bad thoughts
Hard for me to sleep, even harder to wake up, yeah
Hard for me to sleep, even harder to wake up, true