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Tomberlin – sunstruck Lyrics

Tomberlin – sunstruck Lyrics

I’m not tired I’m just wired for late nights staying up
Talking ’till the sun gets stuck
Back up in the sky reminding me I’m still alive
I’d been looking for hope in a song
Or a run or a deep breath a punch or a two step beat
That could carry me away from absurdity
You’d been smoking lots and living in your head
‘Cause at least you’d know where you last left it
I’m left waiting for you to wake up
But you’re still dreaming of your next cup

But it’s never quite enough
You pour it out but nothing will come
From an ever flowing cup
When you’re too fucked to fill it back up

Left you alone or I did my best
Not to water a garden that didn’t want to live
There were signs of life but it wasn’t my land
And I had my own to tend and I’d forgotten it
Well I played it back in my head again and again
Not to do any harm just to try and understand
Couldn’t find a path that made much sense
Just some half finished thoughts and a couple new plants
I went looking for myself by myself
And it wasn’t close to easy but it sure did help
And my heart kept keeping time
Wondering where you were
And what was on your mind

But it’s never quite enough
I can think it and write it but it’s hard speaking up
I don’t mind the sweet and wasted time
The taste of your lips and your smirk when you lie

But I try not to get in the way
And I try so hard I evaporate

A year passes and some seeds take root
Your garden is growing and mine’s growing too
And the works not always fun
But it’s better than staring at the weeds and the mud
We left behind some pain to get to the magic thing