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Tomberlin – easy Lyrics

Tomberlin – easy Lyrics

Not one word, a keepsake
Don’t wanna hold the key
The stories that I told you
Sweet words you spoke to me

You hoped that I’d stay here in the city
You asked me not to leave
You alone so I listened
Till you forgot your misery

You tell me that I’m easy
You say I seem “so free”
But I’m frightened to make you feel
Like others have made me

I always keep it quiet
I’ll sit up on the shelf
No real desire spoken
And I’d deny myself

‘Cause I am so easy
‘Cause I’m always easy

Didn’t hear from you this weekend
And I know what that means
You don’t know how you feel about her
But I know it hurts me

And when you say you saw her
I ask you how she’s been
And you don’t wanna talk about it
And I wanna let you win

‘Cause I am so easy
‘Cause I’m always easy

Is my love worth something?
‘Cause it don’t feel so free
Always loving everyone
In love I expect nothing

And I hate to sing it like this
But that’s what they tell me
I hope that I can fix it
I can’t forever be

The one who’s always easy
Why am I always easy?
Don’t wanna be so easy
Stop telling me I’m easy