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Yellow Days – Slow Dance & Romance Lyrics

Yellow Days – Slow Dance & Romance Lyrics

Sure enough the morning comes
And the day’s begun
See the people walk along the street

Well it seems to me
That they all got places to be
Watch them all go in such a rush

When the mailman come
He brings the morning sun
Sitting somewhere there on his back

I sit and watch the world go by
Paper planes up in the sky
Clouds formed in heaven above

Once upon a time
There was a guy
He had, love in his heart

Once there was a girl
Who thought she knew the world
But she didn’t , know the half

And he was kinda high
It was quarter to 9
When she took a look in his soul

But she just came to dance
Not to find romance
No she’s not the type to care, Ooo!

But he just caught her eye
And it’s only quarter to 9
So why not, just dance a little more?

And before they said a thing
Like magnets attracting
They kissed, one another

It’s called
Slow Dance & Romance
Slow Dance & Romance

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