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Ali Magrebi – Nefsi Lyrics

Ali Magrebi – Nefsi Lyrics

بكتب لك حبيبي رسالة
I am writing you a letter, my love
وانا ببكي وحالتي حالة
I’m crying and in a pitiful state
مع إن الكتاف شيّالة
Even though my shoulders can carry heavy loads
بس بجد مش قادر
But I really can’t bear this anymore

حِمل الدنيا أكبر مني
The burden of the world is more than what I can bear
تُقل سنيني كبّر سِني
The weight of the years has made me older than I really am
محتاج لك معايا تعينّي
I need you here with me to help me
بجد وحشني ع الآخر
I truly miss you so much

نِفسي في نظرة تحييني
I only wish for a look from you that will revive me
أو لمسة على جبيني
Or a touch on my forehead
إيدك يا رسول الله
I wish that your hand, O messenger of Allah…
تمسح لي دموع عيني
would wipe away my tears
نِفسي تضمّني وابكي
I wish you would hold me and I’d cry,
من ظلم البشر أشكي
I’d complain to you of the wrongs I’ve suffered at the hand of people
أفضفض لك أوي واحكي
I would pour out my heart to you and tell you everything
وبكلمة تنسّيني
And with one word you would make me forget it all

الدنيا كتير بتضيق
The world keeps getting harder
وما بلقاش في تعبي صديق
And in my moment of need I cant’t find a friend beside me
ولا كلمة تبلّ الرّيق
Not even a kind word to quench my thirst
أرجوك نِفسي تدعيلي
Please, I wish you’d to pray for me

يهديني الطريق لخُطاك
So that my path will guide me to follow your footsteps
وافضل طول حياتي وراك
And that I may remain for the rest of my life following you
نِفسي أعيش وأموت في رضاك
I wish to live and die while obtaining your pleasure
تبقى دوايا ودليلي
And that you’d be my cure and my guide

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