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Kota the Friend – Good Friday Lyrics

Kota the Friend – Good Friday Lyrics

Young nigga can’t be stopped no
Lock me outside, took the back way
Even goin high on a bad day
Niggas want smoke, now they sit-in in the ashtray

Homie I don’t really get the joke
Gotta send a hating nigga dat way
Dead weight sit-in in the pathway
Gotta good girl better hit her with ya last name. Ya

Coming from the city of cold
My old heads never seen a Milly before
My dread bro, hit me tryna give me a O
My dead bros, always with me out on the road

My og’s got my back
And my young boy do not front
I stayed down and I paid my dues
And I’m still livin through my young
And my girl so proud of how much I grew

Cus that old me held that grudge and this new me, let that go
So much I’ma tell my son
So much fun on this run
It’s time I collect my rose

And I know
That life…
Life is good

People wanna see you down bad
I don’t do it for these niggas
I just get a good laugh
Ima keep it real low even though I could brag
I be movin on the hush, pickin up a good bag
No flex

Just facts

Walking my dog while I’m takin out trash
I am not a fan of replaying my past
Goin super sayin every sayin I rap

I’ma put the writing on the wall
Lil kota see it when he grown
Show him how to get it with his hands
It ain’t easy tryna be a man
When u only doin what you know

And what you know is limited as fuck
I hope you grow and get the shit you want
I hope it matches up wit what you need
And make your life reflect what you believe

Life is good
Life is good

Put the hate out like cigarette. Ah
Niggas only livin on the internet. Ah
King kota why you ain’t bitter yet. Ah
Mad cus I haven’t hit a ceiling yet. Nah

I ain’t need a loan or a label
My ship move when I say so
Lil kota 2, holdin pesos
1500 pounds on his birthday
See me euro steppin through the gates though

I been through it all. Yeah
Wrote down all that I saw… yeah
Broke down. Then I woke up
Then I rose up
Then I walked outta that door. Yea

We gon be good. Put it on my mama
Sun gon shine put it on my commas
Rain gon come. And we prayed for that
Cus this growth here came from that
And I know that life… life is good

Life… life is good

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