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Chief Keef – Tuxedo Lyrics

Chief Keef – Tuxedo Lyrics

Ayy, dududuh, dududuh, skuduskuh
Sos’ baby, GBE baby
What the fuck? What the fuck? Ayy ayy
What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck? Bang bang
What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck? Gang Gang
Huh, Gang Gang, bang bang bang (Huh)

See a one black & white like a Tuxedo
Then you know I’m gettin’ money like a casino
Hit the dice game with a bunch of money on me
Leave the dice game with a whole lot of fuckin’ C-notes
Bitch, I ride with a gun in the front seat though
And I don’t give a fuck, my brother can get fuckin’ Nino
And I spent a lotta money like a fuckin’ gringo
Bitch, It’s Louie Lou but my life Gucci though
We’ll put you in the air if you want promo
Said he smokin’ dicks, man, I think that nigga homo’
With your bitch Netflix & Chill mean porno
Said he got smoke, man, I was on tour tho

Smokin’ on gross it do the most, finna pour me a new pop
We feel strong, cop a hundred boles and pints, we don’t even drop
My shorty killin’ so much kush and told his ass to stop
My trap hit bool, it pull so hard, that police say “Knock, knock”
I left the spot and met the jewler, finna cop me a new watch
Extra grill, or extra clips, just wait we finna scrape from the pot
Trackhawk Jeep a hundred G’s, should’ve seen when I left that lot
I grab the pint and drop the pint and put it all in one pop
I grabbed a Glock and dropped some shells and went and caught a new opp
That’s what you get, tryna do a hit, sneak dissin’ on my block
I left his top topless like one of them bop ass thots
I love totin’ blick; hit his brain, could’ve seen what he thought

She seen my whip, wanna suck my dick, nigga it ain’t my fault
Wanna suck my dick ’cause she love my swag and she love the way I talk
All my cares ain’t none but the dummy shit I bought
I spend that shit and get it back so I buy what I want
Z01s and Z06s, you know I go fast
Cut us off in traffic? you got foenem on yo ass
I get bread, yeah, I get bread, this shit can not go bad
Pussy right now playin’ games, it got his ass toe tagged
I was 16 pullin’ past my school on them foes
I was trappin’, pop out, tryna flex on them hoes (flexin, flexin)
My new thot sayin’ what my ex sayin, “Go!”
Can’t get to hit ’em ’cause my neck really froze
H-U-R-T, they hate you, I see
I got my fire on me, put it on repeat
1-800 King Keef, if you want some beef
Gotta quit smokin’ weed, I look Japanese
One came sixty G’s, call it Master Piece
Spend money, get money, that’s casualty
Made my shorties hit blocks and it’s casually
And they say up a shot like a apple bees
Bitch, my house had roaches and mouses
I was scrappin’ up the pennies off the couches
I had 5 different hoes in one house
You talk too much, put 5 different holes in your mouth
Smoke too much dope, I think it’s holes in my lungs
You don’t wanna be next to the hole in my gun
Boy pull up a choppa, put a hole in your gun
Call me Sosa One, put a hole up in one

Ayy, ayy, Huh? ayy ayy Huh? ayy ayy ayy
Ayy, ayy, Huh? ayy ayy, ayy ayy Huh? ayy
Ayy ayy ayy ayy