Parquet Courts – Pulcinella Lyrics

I want things so much more than I want to sometimes
And it feels like my brain is the binary code’s problem now
But I’d rather be stuffed with straw than made of tin
Because the mind wanders home like a cat does
When it knows it’s time to feed again

There are some places I won’t go near
You can measure their fright by the shade I turn
Right when they’re asked about
I drag a chain of faces and names
Some I’ve cut off, some were lost
Some will always be locked to me

I know you, at least I knew that I’d know you someday
You’re no more a stranger than the
Smile that shines out from the moon
And I’m not in the mood to be lonely no more
So I act like someone on familiar terms
With the uneasy side of love

I got so wrecked up waiting for you
Now your cheeks are pushed high
With the salt from your eyes in the taste of them
Who am I when I can’t be unwound?
“Darling it’s me,” as the mask comes off
“It always was”