Parquet Courts – Just Shadows Lyrics

Delivery, mouth watering
Optimized for pleasure it seems
I fucks with it not
It can’t be helped, thy police state
Fodder to a vast database
Under influence
Trash goes in green, glass goes in blue
This heart of mine’s audience to
Pesky inner voice

Then suddenly I am alone
In the truest sense of the word
With nothing else to hear or watch
Just shadows
Like an inmate that’s finished his term

My merry way, on it I saw
Civilization rise and fall
Now you’ve gone and done
Algorithm waltz sets the pace
Indicates an authentic taste
Tell me what I love
No cleaning charge, no shipping fee
Holy and hosed off like a beast
Economic crash

Then suddenly everything’s calm
And there’s black winter mud on your feet
And the thick net of fibers that you passed through
Are like a memory you dragged to delete

Amazon fire, twenty percent off
Global cost, vast species death
Suggested for you
Curated life agrees with me
Programmed to know when I should sleep
And when to wake up
Preferences set, authorizing
Life is not as modern as it seems
Can’t pick you who you love