Joey Trap – BAIK Lyrics

Baik, roll that gas up, nigga

Walk out the mall with a bag, I’ve been spendin’ a lot
Got them birds in the mail, I’ve been sendin’ a lot
We ain’t missin’ your head, we gon’ spin ’round the block
Got your shorty, yeah, with me, she [?] made it poppin’
I need to quit shoppin’, but nobody stoppin’
Had to sit back and say I’m a prodigy
Can’t let snitches and rats be apart of me
Pistols be packin’, pump strap at your artery
When they see me, think I hit the lottery
I stack my money then stand on who lied to me
Plus I got my own fan to provide a piece
I used to be at my school with the work
Not the work you was doin’, I had me a pack
I was influenced by trappers and hustlers
The realest of real, always had them a strap
I’ve just been, been gettin’ guala since a youngin
I’ve been out her thuggin’, we all on the map
Niggas be blind and niggas be actin’ like they can run up
Nigga, we runnin’ laps
Recipes, I been cookin’, I whip the whole pot ’til I ran out of wrist
I got some enemies, nigga, I don’t get it, how you niggas be mad ’bout a bitch, uh
I think I need me a genie or something, I wish I don’t run out of wishes, uh
Aquafina diamonds, yellow the wrist, you the ones that be actin’ all pissed, huh
I was with your shorty yesterday and she think I’m a god, I’m like a myth
I hit three’s and it’s back to back ’cause a nigga ballin’, no assist, huh, woo
You a lil’ boy, pipe down
Boy, don’t get lost nor found
You know how this choppa gon’ sound
Better pray we don’t light up this town
New Mercedes, gon’ spin it around
Bet you niggas look good in the ground
Lay you six feet, face down, uh, mm
Shawty know I always walk with a stick
I had a bitch on my lap and a bitch in mycar with no seatbelt, we draggin’ the whip
I leave a trail of the ice when I walk ’cause I’m frozen, just hope that you niggas don’t slip
I gotta talk to myself ’cause no one on my level, it’s mentally hard to be rich