Big Sean & Hit-Boy – The One Lyrics

I know that you’re somebody else’s guy (I know)
But these feelings that I have for you I can’t deny (Woah, woah, yeah)
She doesn’t treat you the way you want her to (It’s easy, let’s make it)
So come on stop running (Look)

Architect the way I take it to extreme measures
Sometimes you gotta break your life down to build it better
The game soften up a lot, it’s time to add some pressure
A lotta peers, we ain’t spoke in years
Yeah, you could go pretend like I ain’t here but that just shows me how much y’all threatened
Y’all new music? Don’t ask me how I feel about it
Don’t got problems bein’ real, I got real problems
Old school, top down, slidin’ to Phil Collins (Swerve)
And God my Phil Jackson and somehow He blessed me with Uncle Phil wallet (Frrrt)
But my other uncle Sam in my pockets, like I’m feelin’ drop it (Damn)
I’m blessed though, he only takin’ it because I got it (Don)
Look, if I peel out, I squeeze
I hype and go beast, you boys is hypebeasts (Beasts)
You boys light, I move at lightspeed
So rude that hurricanes to me are like breeze
Watch me, fuck TV
But the way I channels (Way I channels)
Yeah, more like he can’t do it
Plus it’s goin’ gold if I ever put palms to it (Yeah)
And I did my whole career in napalm fluids (Yeah)
So we the ones that blowed up, y’all niggas blew it (You blew it)
Bet on me, it never fails, it never fails, that’s how we do it (Do it)
You don’t have the right to hate on me, unless you took your momma out of hell then in the Hills, they movin’ to it (To it)
And the way I double love, it’s like I get consumed
By girls who never satisfied with everything I’m doin’ (Damn)
It’s like once I give ’em space, they gon’ want the moon
Shit, I’m already a star, what more can I do? (Do)
The world picked me, must have good taste and be picky
I’m that nigga for real, I don’t know what it’s like for girls to not want me
Only know what it’s like when they miss me
You either believe it or not, it’s not Ripleys (No way)
Late night studio sessions, our stomachs would touch backs
No matter how far, a handy click and we touched back
It’s been lookin’ a whole lot, we’ll never have hunched backs
Leavin’ everybody where they have me fucked up at
Mountain top views, where the inspirations fuse (Fuse)
Sometimes when you lose, that’s when innovation cues/queues (Cues/queues)
Everybody favorites, just imitation use (Woah)
Talkin’ in the mirror more than occasional (Yeah)
‘Cause that’s the only who gon’ relate to you
‘Cause you the one, for real