My Morning Jacket – The Devil’s in the Details Lyrics

It happened at the mall
The grand finale
Of stranger things
The kid in me remembers
How it feels

To be grown, but not enough
For a child who starts to see
The blossom of a life
Just beginning

So, take me to the mall
And wash me in the stream
The devil’s in the details, baby

Send the children off to war
Drafted by poverty
The senators son is
Safely sound asleep

Aw, but let us forget the war
And buy something pretty
Change the channel
Create the illusion of real safety

The lord is at the mall
And the demons are in the trees
The devil’s in the details, baby

Growing up at the mall
Amidst the fruits of slavery
We all stand complicit in
The greed

Going to Sephora
To find a different face
With enough paint
I’ll disappear without a trace

From the TV I learned it all
And I practice what they preach
The apple don’t fall far
From the tree

I’m uploading my heart and soul
As this world sinks into the sea
The devil’s in the details, baby

I have no word for god
I’m down on bended knees
Praying to whoever
Might could save me

Look beyond my eyes
And tell me what you see
Can you see the truth
Beyond the fear?

Though fleeting, they may seem
Our thoughts and our deeds
Are carved in stone and steel
For all to see

Look back on our actions
Will we ever be redeemed?
The devil’s in the details, baby