Moneybagg Yo – This Feeling Lyrics

Moneybagg Yo – This Feeling Lyrics

(I love you, Benjii)
Van’, uh, mm
(Are you a part of the culture?)
Uh (Dinuzzo)

Fuckin’ you for two days straight, I left it in
Now she tellin’ me she two days late (Damn)
Pussy sweeter than sugar, come get yo Kool-Aid drank (Mm)
You know I’m nasty
I saw her out, with a nigga, she walked passed me (damn)
She tried to hide, parked the car, I almost crashed it (Skrr)
That’s when I knew bitches ain’t shit, boo, you nasty (Bitch)
So I can deal with it, hit me when you in the city
I’m worth a mill’ fo’ sho’ (Fo’ sho’)
Told you don’t go lurkin’, don’t get your feelings hurt (Huh?)
You can spend the night, you know the crib berserk
Double R, under the stars, come get your wig reversed (Uh, huh)
Make her feel this dick like she feel this verse (Yeah)
Type of nigga fill your tank and fill your purse (Uh)
You know I keep these bad bitches in rotation
But I just give ’em good drugs and good conversation
But I’m sorry if I get sidetracked, that’s temptation (I know you feel it)

And this feeling
Keeps goin’ on and on
Every minute with you
I feel it more and more
Like, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh (Oh-woah, woah)
Like, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh (Oh-woah, woah, oh-oh)

Baby, it’s the you every day for me (Day for me)
You know I can’t stay away too long
All up in my brain, livin’ rent free (Rent free)
There’s only room in my heart for you (For you)
That’s how much I fuck with you, baby (Yeah)
Can’t get enough of you, baby (Mm)
You know I just can’t wait ’til, it’s just you and me
I’m with whatever, long as you on me
You can have it your way, you know (You know)
I swear ain’t nothin’ better than bein’ with you, and that’s true (Yeah, uh, uh)
Yeah, that’s true, ooh-ooh, ooh (Yeah, go)

Red hair (Fire), pink pussy, you my Starburst
Smile bright, waist snatched, that body artwork (Statue)
Even on bad terms, she stay solid, not petty
Prefer the realest over the baddest, if she both, she a blessing (Double whammy)
Whatever we do, cool (Fool)
I ain’t pressed about no internet shit (Haha)
If I don’t care, why y’all care? (Huh?)
Bring a bitch, we all share (Right now)
I only get this feeling when I’m around her (I swear, I do)
I got so many hoes I ain’t got time for (Go)
I only get this feeling when I’m around her (‘Round her)
I ain’t never put on Fendi, so I style her
Crescent moon body suit, shine just in this Jeep SuWoop
If I’m Jay, she Yoncé (How?)
I’m the one that she cater to
Showroom, new whip, no miles (Skrr)
Baecation (Where?), flewed out, ooh chile (Dubai)
Mansion got no neighbors, ain’t no such thing as too loud (Go high)
Thirsty in your DM, tell that lame nigga, “Move ’round” (Bye, go)

And this feeling (This feeling)
Keeps goin’ on and on (On and on)
Every minute with you
I feel it more and more
Like, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh (I feel it more, oh-woah, woah)
Like, ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh (Can you feel it, babe? Oh-woah, woah, oh-oh)

Nobody (Oh), nobody (Oh, oh, oh)
Nobody but, nobody
Nobody but you, ooh-ooh, ooh (You, ooh, oh-woah, ooh-woah)
But you, ooh-ooh, ooh (Mm-mm)
Nobody, nobody but—