Knxwledge – Poorshot_ Lyrics

Pay attention, I got a little bit of math for you
It’s quite simple, remedial if you can add then cool
If I drink Henny, and eat a whole bag of shrooms
I’m just trippin’, I’m gon’ be doin’ by this afternoon
But I’ll wait- too late, we just got back
We bag mommies and bag dad like we from Iraq
Gat my bust, bust my gat, I’m dyslexic
I don’t just get shit off my chest I bench press it
420, smoking a pound on the bench, stressin’
Only answer if I’m being tested is next question
Cuz I remember way back when
When shit was all good, our whole hood had mac 10s
Bullets flied when it was time for that action
I made niggas breakdance, headspin, backspin
Two wide-body Benz’s, black tints
They dead lookalike, I called ’em the Fat Twins
Time to lock and load nigga, better strap in
Moose led the troops, to this day he’s the captain
Cuz ain’t no soft spots, we killin’ all cops
Choppers hit the pigs we made bacon and pork chops
You ain’t gotta aim great, you can be a poor shot
Just play the middle of the field like a shortstop
But when they stop short, you better pop off
Theres blood everywhere, hot sauce over dry pork
You see something; say nothing, mind yours
Or your mind’ll be a stain on that sidewalk
And I be trippin’-

You see something; don’t say nothing, mind yours
Or your mind’ll be a stain on that sidewalk

And I be trippin’ with no vacation, time off
I’m sniffin’ super glue while I’m chewing rocks off
My attire ain’t the type the cops watch for
Bust down, khakis, Rockports
They look at me like I just came from school
They don’t know I’m a real idiot, an angry fool
They don’t know that I’m schizophrenic, bi-polar, fanatic
Outta control, murder your fam if you make me panic