EMxor E – The Fall Lyrics

On On

Use to wish I’m over booked’ from overlooked (EMxor)
G Town to Lagos city now we overrated
Street boys from the bottom now we on there Wall posters
She let me hit cause she saw my name on wall posters
Doing anything for fame
Shawdy bad’ She gat ass
Make a Rapper wanna ride
Roll with me u gat the flow
Pull up with my niggas shoot your whole track
Make the crowd go drastic
This is EMxor
Make the E realistic
From the street no the dull
Never hiding where we from
Shawdy love a nigga raw
She lemme hit cause she bad
Make her touch her toes ones
Hitting from the back
Put a real nigga on your track
Make her feel the shock
Started from the back
Now we the niggas in the front
Dream chasers’ go getters
Fuck em all back stabbers
Sars tripping’ cops cheating’ fake homies back stabbing
These niggas to fake
They be talking too Quick
Big posers’ Big rats
They be tripping too Quick
Marry to my own game
Put in work with my niggas
We be coming for the top
If you don’t like go and die
Realest in my own lane
Don’t cross’ cuz na Die
Big shout out jah jah one
EMxor E entity
Lion of Africa one
T.I.V Trinity
Never Dulling when I’m on
My fans love me’ put me on
From zeros now we counting
Tell a hater EMxor on

They wanna see us fall
They wanna see us down
(T.I.V wurwide)
They wanna see me fall
But God we never let that work
(That’s what they wish mehn)

My ambition as soldier
Strapped with flows
Clip full of paranormal
Spitting venom masher Mathers
I’m a G’ I stay Real
Never instagram filted
Capable of Legend icon
Never snap and chatting
Never a Dummy boy Tekashi
Gat my trigger finger inching
Get me paid or get lost
In the studio I’ll be praying
Gat my mama on the phone
Tell her momma we at war
Competition never sleep
So we packing pills at night shift
Affiliated with the street now we getting recognition
Twenty four seven
Ill be grinding for my nation
Never scared of them niggas cause they gas out
Rappers turning singers in the game cause they run out
Arizona my favorite
Use to have nothing so niggas slept on my dick like they pray make I no blow DAME!