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yvngxchris – bitch im joe biden Lyrics

yvngxchris – bitch im joe biden Lyrics

(Hey, where’s Rolo?)

I heard your music, that shit hella trash
I’m not talkin’ ’bout Bandicoot, we finna crash
Compare and contrast my music and y’all niggas rappin’ that bullshit
I ride with a Drac’ and that bitch got a full clip
Gang in this bitch and my lil’ nigga cook shit
Fuck school, nigga, I ain’t reading no book, bitch
I swear to God that that kitty be fishy, that shit need a hook, bitch
I’m finna pull off in that Lamborghini
Damn, I’m rich as a bitch, eating fettuccine
I feel like Lil Nas X, no damn panini
Heard you wanna be best, you cannot beat me
Smoking on motherfuckin’ gas, my face is boozy
White plug and that nigga said, “Take it easy”
AR-15 on me, but he ain’t believe me
You said that you got a challenge, but nigga, you really just make it easy
(Oh, shit) I had to catch my breath
I’m finna slide on your block with a MAC-elev’
I keep a TEC on me just like I hacked a ref
Hack a ref, you better back it up
This not a hot girl summer, bitch, you actin’ up
You said you better than me, nigga, that’s enough
Look at my numbers, nigga, I’m too good at this rappin’ stuff
These niggas bitches, I can’t even cap wit yo’ ass
I’ma hit, then I’m passing it fast
If you think that I’m lackin’, bitch, you really cappin’ on that
Nigga, we got the straps in the bag
And yvngxchris in this bitch and I can’t even lack on the track
Got a bitch, she attackin’ my sack
And I’m pushin’ a Benz, but the traffic is bad
We gon’ murder your dad, leave that boy like the pad (On God)
On God, on God, I’ma leave that nigga so bloody
Ex bitch hit me, told her nigga that she don’t love me
Haha, stupid bitch, what the fuck so funny?
That nigga hating, but I bet your ho love me
That nigga broke as fuck, he gettin’ no money
I beat the shit out a nigga like he stole from me
Who the fuck is this nigga? He a nobody
Kill her vagina, nigga, I got four bodies
Smoking the bullshit, my nigga, where the fuck you at, boy?
Yeah, he ain’t got a gun or a strap, boy
Pull up on a nigga, mask on, like Catboy
“Dude, that’s fucking rad,” he a frat boy
Take that lil’ boy to the ICU
And I peep that you hidin’, boy, I see you
Niggas love Chris, you ain’t gotta lie to me too
Bitch, I ate the cat like some Chinese food, lil’ bitch, ayy

Lil’ bitch, ayy, lil’ bitch, ayy, lil’ bitch
Okay, lil’ bitch, okay, lil’ bitch
Okay, lil’ bitch, okay, lil’ bitch, haha

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