Gabbie Hanna – Happy (In the End) Lyrics

I can feel you forgetting me
Might just disappear
High on codependency
You feel safer up here

But we’re sober now in the cold light of day
You look different in the sun
My God, it’d would be good to see your face
But am I the only one
Who wonders still about your days?
Did you find your sense of peace? Lord, please

I hope you’ve forgiven me
Couldn’t see you drowning
Sacrifice your sanity
Stole my silver lining

But we’re older now, what happened to the days
We’ve been running out of time?
Just like the leaves back east, will change
But eventually we’ll find a way back home
But will we be alone?

There was a time your smile
Lit the city up for miles
But you lost it the battle
That you fought for me, my angel
I could spend the rest of my life
Trying to give you back to the light

Even if that means, I’m dead to you, you’re dead to me
Well, rest in peace, to us, a tragedy
I guess you left, a casket full of dust
I’d scatter the ashes in the wasteland of my selfishness

I can feel you forgetting me, well, do it
I’ll still love you for getting me through this
I don’t care, if you’re here or if we never speak again
Just need to know, you’re happy in the end
I’ll be your ghost, or I’ll be your best friend
Just need to know, you’re happy in the end
Oh God, I hope, you’re happy in the end