Pouya – The First Step Of Becoming God Is A Bottle To The Face Lyrics

Why do I do the things I do to myself?
The pressure on my soul is damaging by health
I know these rappers coming for my belt
Cutthroat ’cause you can’t fit too much on that top shelf
So everybody wanna bump heads, money come rolling in
Relationships get questioned, do you even know your friends?
Baby mama, hold my hand, tell me that it’s gonna end
Look up, tell me God is great, then, baby, why the sky so grey?
Lay my head in your lap as you caress my shoulder
We get high, then we doze off, wake me up when it’s over
I’m getting older, don’t think I’ve come to terms yet
Still searching for my purpose, wondering if it’s worth it
You study one book your entire life and still end up a crook
I’m rolling dice, I come alive at night, I never thought to
Look the other way as my demons call my name
You know what they say, who am I to blame?

They say to think, sleep, and breathe deeper
Is the only way to avoid meeting the Grim Reaper
Praying on my knees until I crease my sneakers
Can anybody out there hear me, should I speak up?
I’m pacing back and forth like it’s a sport with sweat dripping down my face
The weight of the world is on my chest and I just wanna walk away
I’ve been betrayed, swayed and played, face-to-face
By the ones who say they love me the most but now I know that blood was never thick as water
See my friends die slowly in front of my eyes
See the pain and agony through every smile that I encounter
Back of the tour bus with blue pills, dollar bills, and dancers
Back at home, second hand, struggling with cancer
Almost felt like it was me, how could I be so selfish?
Thinking about myself but not the one that I’m in love with
Damn, my heart felt like erupting
Barely shedding tears, I had to emphasize my toughness