Problematic – Wasting My Time Lyrics

Problematic – Wasting My Time Lyrics

I’m a young nigga getting it
If you talking bout a play what’s the business
I’m all about the dollar
I’m all about making bitches holla
Send in a couple bad ones
If it ain’t done nothing ain’t got time anymore

We ain’t talking bout nothing, don’t waste my time
I’m a young nigga getting it and I got shit to do
We ain’t talking bout nothing, don’t waste my time
I’m a young nigga getting it and I got shit to do

It’s like everywhere I look and everywhere I go
It’s another motherfucker tryna steal my flow
So I’m always in the studio tryna get a check
When I listing these two niggas tryna get it next
Too good, comatose, these hoes cannot catch me
My ex tryna black line star 67
I bet if I pop it’s gon’ take one question
Not will you marry me
We do this shit for charity
It’s HBK King diamond lane
Drunk at a party tryna find my main
She gotta be young and ready to turn up fast
We always first place, never turn up last

You ain’t got no money keep your ass at home
When your friend’s low, wanna slide into this
I wanna see em with a pocket full of green
But your whim’s lower, better worry bout the miss
Young nigga working that grind
Fat boy do it all the time
I be fresh from the toes, oh mama I shine
Bitch don’t worry bout mine
Look, Balenciagas on the concrete
While I still got them looking for some matte fleece
Ball at the boyfriend, baby do sumn
That’s getting crashed you’s up
I’m a hustler

I’m just a everyday nigga doing everyday shit
I’m lying, every day I do major ass shit
On the phone with the plug, talking major ass flips
Getting ready to ignore some major ass bitch
I ain’t lying, no me don’t have time to waste
Stop lying to me mami and wine you waist
Throw it on me all up in my section
There’s rich niggas better go and find your place
I’m just a diamond lane nigga doing diamond lane shit
We the shit still grinding the system
Chasing this money is an everyday thing
And I ain’t got time to explain

Shit I’m on a mission out this motherfucker
So when it comes to these hoes I gotta cop a lot of them
Ain’t no shame in my game I keep it one hunnid
Tell the crew for the hood and they for you
I really think that she’d fuck with a real one
And I’d appreciate the game that them niggas giving you
And I ain’t talking crazy, I ain’t trying to belittle you
But you just need to know that the deal is filling you
So what it is, what it could be
East Side niggas pulling up in a Hoopie
Girls in the back and they stay all boozie
Stop playing with a nigga, don’t do me

(Don’t waste my time)

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