Casey Frey & Charlz Bucket – Wanka Boi Lyrics

This songs about unity yeah?
Were from three different provinces
Three different moms and dads
And we still fuck with eachother innit?
Fuckin innit.. (Hermione)

Blast off
I’ll break your bones and take your mask off
I play for your booty
Thats my favorite mascot
(dook dook)

Flip my cock like a hocky puck
Dook dook dook imma chicken
Come mad quick with the bitches
Come mad hard when i kick it

I worked hard for your didgets
You went mad your brain turned to biscuits
I cant fix it
Step back relax your business

Step back relax your on fire
Throw punches like me dont tire
Pass blunts like a football match
In a fuck bois ass empire

Im not your wanka boi (x2)
Im not your little fuck boi eva (x2)

I came then i got erected
And made a stain that i named alexis
The pain from fame changed my whole perspective
Hella hoes on my balls and neck dick
Neck deep in gays crave my septic
Fur-Cock Holmes Peter Pan protected
And im on my way back lost boy connected

Chop my yard in half thats lawn division
Launder money into orphanges
Fucked a whale had orca children
Cheated with a sea horse orphis’s’s

Three things always on my skull
Weed money alcohol
Three things always on my balls
Starfish dolphin all them all

All them all mate
Thats fuckin right mate
Hes fucked them all (dook dook dook all them all)
My mans is down bad for the sea life
But i dont judge him
Because i love him and hes my brutherin
And fuck a province
Fuck a state
Fuck a city
Cause were from the province of love mate (and frequency)
And frequencies thats right buddy (im not your little wanka boi)
Its acceptance its a movement
Were not from the UK but we love the UK