The Ophelias – The Twilight Zone Lyrics

Holding you feels like a bomb went off in my chest
Put a VCR of The Twilight Zone on again
Driving home after curfew going sixty
Waking up thinking of you feeling heavy

I walk down my street and the trees look like you
I can’t sleep again and it feels the way you make me feel

Reaching out after three years of total silence
Getting clocked in the head when I see you for the first time
Knowing now what I know I can tell you that I meant it
Take it back if you want but I will be unrepentant

I lie on my back and the sky looks like you
I can’t sleep again and it feels like it used to
I don’t mind if you’re done with me I would leave if I could
But I’m hеre if you want and I’d love to see you