HAVANA feat. Kanita – Serenata Mexicana Lyrics

La serenata mexicana
Like a healer for the drama
Cuentame ese story of love love love
Cuentame ese story of love love love

It’s a story of a boy
Meets a girl and then fall in love
Against the odds
But pure at hearts
He used to walk her every night
To her house and then at goodbyes
They used to kiss
Under the trees

Then one day the girl left town
With her parents and then this boy
Was left behind
For a long time
Summers passing still no trace
Till one day the girl and the boy
Stood face to face
Keen to embrace

When I’m with you forever isn’t long enough
And hours feel like seconds when we’re closer
Tell me a story that I can’t replace
Tell me it has happy endings or else…