Andy Shau – Jeremy’s Wedding (Wilds) Lyrics

It was so nice
I thought the bridesmaids looked beautiful
Jeremy’s suit was a little stiff, but that’s how it goes, Judy

Why didn’t you
Come say hello in the receiving line?
I think he would’ve liked to have said, “Hi,” and “You look nice, Judy”

Part of me misses you almost all of the time
You say out of sight, out of mind
I disagree, Judy

Smoke a joint
On the side stairs, it is so nice
You ask me if I want to dance, oh, it makes me laugh, Judy

Skip a step
Land on your toe, you make a face
You forgot I was so bad at this and I’m so stoned
And it makes you laugh and it’s all okay, Judy

And it makes you laugh, is it all okay, Judy?