99 Neighbors – Table Jam Lyrics

(That was like, right on the tongue until when you said it)

I said it’s women sendin’ videos, bumpin’ my shit from stripper poles (Uh)
My shorty mad that I said it, but I’m gettin’ dough (Uh)
I need more, I’m kickin’ in they doors (Ayy)
They blowin’ the weed up, stressin’ the deep cuts (Yeah, uh)

I said, “Fuck you, pay me,” (Ayy) bossed up daily (What?)
I ain’t make rent, but the closet go crazy (Crazy)
Nikes on the feet make the wardrobe complete (Huh? Hey)
So wavy, focused on the bucks to my brazy’s (What? What? Hey)

Say I’m skinny, like it tatted up (What?)
Lookin’ like I had it up (Ayy)
CVS’ feet lookin’ ass with my fashion up (Ayy)
Whippin’ like a spatula, Ritz becomin’ bands for us
Started makin’ raps, it turned to dollars, somethin’s addin’ up

As long the team up, then the rest come down to execution (Yup, uh)
Mayweather, you can catch us ‘fore we stick and move (Bruh)
Great job, they work and they paid off (Huh? Yeah)
But I can quit my day grind and move out of my state job

See, this the mushed mouth, hash smokin’, rap slinging slasher (What?)
Chipped tooth bastard, dropped acid with a pastor (Huh?)
Microphone master, ketchup don’t make me act up
My talent too immaculate, fuck all your favorite rappers (Ayy)

Roll the blunt, I feel so iconic, ayy
I smoke it down and spit a high sonnet (Ayy)
High pockets feelin’ empty, but I might go cop it like fuck (Uh)
I don’t think that there’s some weed out there I can’t muck (Uh)

And y’all don’t have to like it or love it
I’m ballin’ out, but on a budget (Okay)
Copped this pair of Forces, I might have to skip that lunch, shit (Okay)
Number crunchin’ like my reps in the gym
Missin’ the comfort of my friends, but I’m workin’ for some

Ayy, haha
Let’s go