Wiki – Can’t Do This Alone Lyrics

I do this for the love, it’s pro bono
Pat and Navy, can’t do this alone, but this a solo
Big brodie like how Appa is to Momo
My Jamaican mans deliver me the homegrown
I put my heart on the line, a lot I don’t show
Coast clear, coast post, crossbar, woodworks
Good hurt, showing me the ropes
The shit I wrote in sincere, sincerely, yours
I be counting blackbirds along the course
The love I give is transferred
When I was born, my momma said I didn’t hurt
My father scorned, taught me how to love the Earth
How to love me first, lift a living curse
The feeling lovely, word
Moving swiftly down this road of life, another turn
Another trip around the Sun, another castle burned
Cat got your tongue, nah, I was just immersed
Within this very moment, my home was just a church
This a sanctuary, my only job to serve
Service keep me grounded, and struck a lot of nerves
Purge, I was bloodletting, something gotta work
Lavender and rosemary, sage, frankincense and myrrh

My ma also said that I didn’t hurt
See with Carlos, it was a natural birth
He had a feeling that he wasn’t first
So for me, tried to ask for a epidural
But it was too late, ready to burst out the belly
Ready to immerse myself in the world, collect me some turf
Put a Wiki flag in the dirt and went to work
When stuck in the crib, went berserk
But ain’t no telling where he went with his words
And I tripped and fell, my ex put a spell on me, a curse
Learned some ? abuela teach
Lifted it ’cause the love was too real for me
So eventually I prevail but it’s early see
I’m on a journey still
Sage gave me what I needed, continue to tell
Bad or good, everything I’ve been through
So you don’t make the same mistakes that Wik do
What I gotta do to get through without copping a brew
Twist off the top for every moment, put a stop to the blues
But then it turn into a cycle, ain’t no stopping the blues
So I had to put a stop to the booze, pop me some shrooms
Locked in, drop some heat on top of the beat
And I don’t need a stage, do it on the block, on the street
Paid the price properly, stay practicing monogamy
Married to the game, that’s all I can see
If it divorce me, forced to run weed, get some custees
Know I swore in front of the priest, not likely
The game got me, so spot me like my akhi
And I’mma ride or die for the game, that’s my wifey, uh