bbno$ – i remember Lyrics

You broke my heart
One too many times before, fore
I remember times on the dance floor
I remember times when you’d go!
SHE stole my heart
I cant believe i fell for her tricks
I cant believe i passed on her life
I cant believe that times were like oh oh oh so good

No one to tell how
No one to hurt me now
I thought we said our vows
I miss your disavow

Said my feelings you got the best of me
Motive was lust, you played me basically
She told me im quite a masochist
Oh i know
I cant believe it still hurts to kiss
So i wont
How could u say you wanted this
I sure dont
How could you ever say you’d rather be alone!

ill be honest
Im so glad that im on my own
Glad im modest
Finally gave time to my self
Now im breaking out of my shell

I told myself i need nobody else
I was surprised on how the cards were dealt
I wasnt ever sure of how you felt, but i knew for certain i would take you back any time of day

Thank you to the adolescent me for my attitude
Id never tell you ever what to be, i aint mad at chu
Cause roses are red and violets are blue, im missing you
You stay in my head, not sure what to do im leaving you