Chief Keef – The Talk Lyrics

Ayy, ayy (Sosa baby)
Ayy, ayy
Phew, phew, phew
Don’t call my phone unless you tryna buy a whole brick, nigga

I been in this shit boy, you know I ain’t no roody-poo
I just get my dick sucked, it ain’t right she fufu
I just throw my sets up (Ayy), 24-1-4 (1-4)
Tell them niggas steppin’ to me, hit ’em with the .44 (.44)
Diamonds from the North Pole (Bang), I see you lookin’ bro (Bang, bang, bang)
You in the trap, with the crack, don’t know how to cook it though (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
You spend the bands and yo sack on some hooker hoes (Phew)
You post yo guns and yo set and yo cookie dough (Phew)
Watch out nigga, gang pullin’ up (Skrrt)
I heard you dropped a couple songs, they ain’t good enough (Nah)
I see you hangin’ with them goofies, they ain’t hood enough (Huh)
I see you trickin’ on that bitch, what I wouldn’t know? (Go, go)
I got a switchblade on a stick, I might cut you up (Go)
Pussy actin’ like you rough, he ain’t rough enough (Nah)
Shorty, I’m about my business, where the button up? (Bang)
Cops pulled up on the set, ain’t no cuffin’ us (Grah, bang, bang)
Pull up in a truck (Skudaskur), what the fuck is up? (Skur)
10 millies man (Skudaskur), I urge a nigga fuck with us (Skur, skur, skur)
I got pull like guitar brass orchestra (Doh, doh doh, ayy)
Like I owe the dope some, it got me coughin’ up (Ugh, ugh)
Fuckin’ with them hoes, you gon’ get set up (Ayy)
We got fifty pipes (Ayy), we brought out the best ones (Ayy, gang)
It’s pigs in your farm pussy, Alabama (Huh, huh)
Baby Glock bitch, it’s like a fuckin’ bed bug (Bang, bang)
I been runnin’ shit, bitch, you see my leg numb (Bang, bang)
Yo homie just died boy, keep ya head up (Head up)
I remember when I pulled my first foreign car on Lamron (Lamron)
I remember sellin’ dope on Dipset, Cam’ron (Cam’ron)

Don’t do no deals ’round him, he might tell some (Shh)
Ayy, lil bro get low, I’m finna nail some (Bop)
Trunk his ass, kidnap him, full nelson (Skrrt Skrrt)
Lookin’ for me bitch? I’m grindin’ on a rail, son (Skrrt Skrrt)
I got big 4-5 in my belt, son (Bang, bang, bang)
34 size jeans big Amiris (Amiri)
Remember goin’ downtown steal out the camera (Camera)
Now the Hellcat sittin’ outside and it’s gettin’ rusty (Rusty)
‘Member making BM buy me H&M (Ayy)
Hold the pussy upside down, now I’m shakin’ him (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Cops got him in a room, and they breakin’ him (Pussy)
Ambulance took too long, it’s too late for him (Go)
Baby say I’m the dog, I get that awful lot (Huh, huh, huh)
And I’m sippin’ cough syrup, gettin’ off a lot (Huh)
I just pulled up Ferrari, gettin’ off the lot (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Pussy boy, you ain’t rich, you ain’t talkin’ right (Pussy)

Ain’t no talkin’, unless you know me and got something to talk about
Whatchu talkin’ about, pussy!
Go, go
Go, go, go, go
Ayy, ayy
GBE baby, Sosa baby, Sit Gang nigga, get-it gang
(Duhduhduh, skuduskuh!)

Chain cost a brick, Arm & Hammer, pot and pan (Huh)
Try not to go to jail, nigga not again (No, no no)
God told ’em, copy and paste, get him out of man (Ayy)
I call my FN, Waka Flocka, Glock is Waka’s mans (Bang, bang, bang)
Lookin’ back at old shit, ‘member we was off the xans (Huh)
Had baby ass closet, now I’m walkin’ in (In)
Ben Frank, Grant Jackson been my longest friends (Buddy)
Seen ya outside the club, Is you gon’ get in? (Pussy)
Heard your fuckin’ last album, boy you need to stop
You didn’t even do it right, it don’t need to drop (No)
Man I’m tired of buyin’ jewelry, man, I need some stock (Bling, bling, bling)
Wake up, take naps and go to sleep with guap
I can never tell my granny, I was fixin’ too (No)
I just rolled down on Bally, what a finsta do (What you sayin’?)
Hoe follow me on her real page and her finsta too (Yeah)
I just got fresh as fuck for an Insta shoot (Sosa baby)
Pulled out black and white truck, moo, moo, moo (Skrrt)
We ain’t never had a big homie, fuck your rules (Fuck ’em)
Hold on, you swear I know you, nigga, fuck is you? (Who is you?)
My pops from the other side, nigga, fuck him too (Huh)
Yeah, I fuck with him a little, nigga, what’s it to you? (Ayy)
We just bought some bumper cars tryna bump it to you (Ayy)
I just got some green tips (Ayy) and I bought ’em for you (Dududuh)
Heard you slidin’ to the show, bitch we brought them for you

Aye (Dududuh)
Gang, gang, gang, gang, (Dududuh, dududuh) gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang, phew
Ayy, ayy
Phew, phew, phew, phew
Ayy, ayy