Aeon Station – Queens Lyrics

You never win
You lied to me
Your life goes on
The years remind us
Where are the words
You meant to say
This all gives in
It’s so hard so hard to leave you behind
It’s all gone for this heartbreak again
What goes unsaid
Left unexplained
Will drag you down
And end in lines like
I’m doing fine alone
Don’t ask me to understand
It’s all meant to be this way
Who knows why it ends like this
And falling back on older times
The lines are drawn to blind us
When did all those ends begin
It still feels like it always did
I wonder where you might have gone to
And if you still feel the same
As if it never happened here
Is this the way it has to be
With all the things you can’t forget
You said it was long ago it all worked out
I’m not the one you wanted
You said it was all in