guardin – The drifter Lyrics

Lost boy, hoping I find my way home
Lost sight of why I’m here and where the fuck I should go
One hundred twenty miles from my area code
Spilt Whiskey on my shirt inside this evergreen home
Might tumble down and fall beneath the thick of the mist
A silhouette sat in the distance comes and swings with a miss
I climb trees just to save myself from what could’ve been
And hide high upon this mountain with a pad and a pen
The drifter lives down the road
And if he follows me home
Then I’ll pack everything and leave till I know
That I am safe beside my company, although he’s below
And then he’ll gut me like a pig and leave my bones to the crows
And this time I’ve convinced myself that I’m gonna die
Oh, I don’t think that it’s alright, but I’ll just pray to the sky
I’ll find a god in what I sing and sing it every night
And maybe time will tell my story, I won’t put up a fight

‘Cause fear leads me towards destruction
Crippled, unable to function
Full of unwanted assumptions
Petrified by my consumptions
Used to hide along the meadow
And now I practice my falsetto
I’ve been like this from the get-go
I don’t ever wanna let go

The walls we build hide all the bodies
Of everyone who lives inside me