Eidola – Elephant Bones Lyrics

Breathe in, breathe out
Look how far we’ve come from
We are vessels of the blameless light
Lie down, stay still
It hurts less in time
When you rid yourself of who you’re not

Cleanse me
Eviscerate my worthlessness
Make amends
Tell me
Who do you pretend to be
With all your friends?

Tensions elevating into strife
Consciousness competing
Karma, signing circles in my mind
Weighing and repleting

Wake me up
I am awake, I am aware of my fate
Begin again
Until we transcend, we’ll start it all over again

Slowly finding our forgiveness
I hope we see this through
Teach me how to love you better now
Because I’d love to know how

I was a liar, I was a cheat
But I won’t let those things confine me to a hell
That’s underneath my own regret
I won’t forget what it meant when you let me back in

Another step is all I can take
Will my body be enough to reach the end of this path?
My mouth is dry, my fingers are weak
I’m losing grip on everything
I thought we were alone
It’s a lie
It’s a lie
It’s a lie
It’s a lie
It’s a lie
It’s a lie