remy – you and me together is a problem Lyrics

There’s no secret to keep
You and me together is a problem
If you wanna get deep
I’ll be waiting for you at the bottom

I’m over my intuition
It’s another celebration
I should, leave without saying goodbye
I forgot how much I hated
All the songs you overplayed but
I love, your lips on that bottle

Cause you know I wait for everything to come undone
You brought this on yourself!

We go together like oil and water
I got daddy issues, she callin me father
The kinda love that you see in the movies
We pullin out the camera get hot like jacuzzis
It’s hot and cold

We’re so in love puttin on a show
Next thing you know, we’re going after each other’s throats
Should let you go, but no one else is even close
Pics on my phone but no one else is seeing those

You’ve been starting to scare me…
And oh, you’ve been starting to scare me