Struggle Jennings – Monster In Perspective, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Stressed out, start to drink and get aggressive
Hold on, let’s address it, they say I get excessive
Almost got arrested, questioned by detectives
Frontline fighter, I was bred to be protective
Never let someone I love get hurt if I can help it
Even if it means that I’m a monster in perspective
Crazy thoughts collected, blessed, can’t neglect it
Trying to correct it, I learned to just accept it
I’ve always been respected but always get rejected
Hard for me to turn the cheek my heart has been invested
Never have expected the same love returned
I don’t do it for a payback, God’ll give me what I earned
Learned that the hard way, some family had to part ways
Live to sing another song, guns in the guitar case
Knife in my waistline, short life won’t waste time
Never turn my back on ya even if I face time
Loyalty is baseline, black and white, no gray line
Disrespect someone’s love to me, that’s a hate crime
Throw ’em to the wayside, children of the corn
Life ain’t been a bush of roses, it’s more like a bed of thorns
The devil has his horns, angel got his wings
I was born with them both so the conflict that it brings
Drives me up the wall but I never saw a ceiling
At war with myself but I will never fight the feeling