NoCap – Outside Lyrics

Rap game fake as hell, it’s time for me to start investing
Shawty say she love me, she ain’t heard from me since then
They gotta get that type of paper to live everyday like weekend
The DA ain’t got no evidence we beat it at the prelim’
I ain’t tryna fuck, I’m just tryna get my dick sucked
When I’m outta town we turn BnBs to strip clubs
If I can’t bring my pistol, the promoter better not book me
Put a switch up on the Glock, they think I gave my gun a—
We’ll pull up in some’ fast, looking like I’m Batman, nigga
Got canary yellow diamonds like I’m Pac-Man, nigga
They gon’ smoke on who? Can somebody tell ’em it ain’t safe
I’m rich, can’t hide this shit, accidentally put it in they face
I want it, I buy the bitch, she say if you broke you gotta wait
I can’t get no higher than this, I been on the moon all day
I put red on the bottom of my shoes
Adderalls got me on the roof
I was countin’ ‘fore I learned how to read
I’m a god so I got her on her knees
I’m a outside nigga, need a outside bitch
I got all the techniques to show you how to get rich
I forever get this money, I don’t care how hard it get
And I ain’t never goin’ broke, a nigga way too lit