Rilès – LET’S GO Lyrics

You’re a mad [?]

I think I just came in this bitch
She swallow [?], yuh
She play with my dick [?] stick
He mad ’cause I call him a jit uh
I’m takin’ [?] like some muhfuckin’ tips
Runnin’ these pack got a young nigga fit
Runnin’ the track ’cause all of them hit
​Svrite sendin’ shots making sure the opps hit, yuh
Then real quick, skrrt outta that bitch
Lemonade, sippin’ all the syrup I mix
Cell phone is trippin’, white girls love my mix
Life like a movie, I’m starring my flick
Gettin’ top in the jacuzzi, sippin’ bubbly like, shit
The choppa [?]
[?] but they actually cappin’
Sip my dick like Ciroc, lil’ bitch, call me captain
When I’m in town
Four or five hoes I’m smackin’
Up in quarantine I got goons that still active
When we show why the fuck your mans go to passive?
I’m in first place, all these lanes I be lappin’
They all talk then they gon’ turn Carlie Chaplin
Ain’t no drama, we ain’t with it, just active
Louis V on me, I’m shining, relaxin’
I don’t know you then surely I’m taxin’

(Yeah, huh, bih let’s go
Yeah, yuh, bih let’s go
Yeah, huh, bih let’s go
Yeah, huh, bih let’s go)
Hol’ on lil’ boy, why you trippin’?
Fuckin’ that ho in the closet
I put my dick on her shoulder (She like that)
That bitch is tryna play Bop It
I am not tryna play none of that shit
‘Cause a nigga really gotta study though
Fuck that bitch and she be suckin’ my dick
Tryna have a threesome with her buddy bro
Step in on his neck, dead
That nigga dead as fuck
Red, laser beam red as fuck
Lead, that nigga runnin’, yeah
Yeah, my nigga gunnin’, yeah
Yeah, we get it bustin’, yeah
We get a st—stuffin’
That nigga like a turkey, nigga