Tommy Richman – Chrono Trigger Lyrics

Used to play pretend
Thought it wouldn’t end
Walked up to the doctor said I couldn’t fend
Bitch i recommend
Staying off the meds
Wish I could’ve realized right before the trend

I don’t even need to have a lot
Don’t need that shit
Let’s go out and drop a couple tabs
Don’t need that bitch

Ooo let’s go out and be alive
Ooo even when we’re gonna die
Ooo I don’t even wanna try
Ooo poison lime

I’m tryna get back to the place that I used to know
Feeling like a like a distant memory when i wanted someone else tho

In the back
Bitch I’m in my bag
Ah yeah
Run inside
See what I decide
Ah yeah
Never hold me
Seeing what you sold me
Ah yeah
Back here with rebel
Never settle
Ah yeah