Carrie Underwood & Dan + Shay – Only Us Lyrics

I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you
I don’t need you to search for the proof that I should
You don’t have to convince me
You don’t have to be scared you’re not enough
‘Cause what we’ve got going is good
I don’t need more reminders of all that’s been broken
I don’t need you to fix what I’d rather forget
Clear the slate and start over
Try to quiet the noise that’s in your head
We can’t compete with all that

So what if it’s us, what if it’s us
And only us?
And what came before won’t count anymore, or matter
Can we try that?
What if it’s you, what if it’s me, what if that’s all that we needed to bе?
And the rest of the world fliеs away
What do you say?

I ain’t never thought there’ll be someone like you who would want me
So I’ll give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go
But if you really see me
If you like me for me and nothing else
Well, that’s all that I’ve wanted for longer than you could possibly know