Audrey Nuna & NIKI – Clocked Out! Lyrics

Collect another check like I work at Barnebys
Barbie doll friends got plastic in the knees
Chicken cutlet, I know they want a cut of me
I been prayin’ for a hit, but not in this economy, no (No, no)
Not in this economy, not at Barnebys
Need lobotomy, not astrology
Yes, I want peace
Never in hell or in harmony
Perk [?] stizz
Give me the key, lock that ting
Elevate, elevate, drop that ting
Renovate, renovate, rock that ting
Prima ballerina, cut the FIFA ting
Cinnabon, get the yum, then I talk like this
Pop that wrist, take that lick, super stiff
Boogie like scary movie
Michael drip, two star trip
Move it like this, blow kiss, kiss
Pew-pew, I’m clocked out

Clocked out (Clocked out)
Clocked out (Clocked out, ayy, ayy)
Clocked out (Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, clocked out)

And I got two sides, so Panama
Skrr-skrr, center-cut
All I need is a stuffy mosh pit
And a dynamo pack from the back of the fridge, who popped it?
Ha, I just need a deposit
Worst freestyle you ever heard and I can promise it
More unresolved hits than Rachmaninov
Body count like your cousin Johnny’s BBQ
Caffeine, earl tea got me stutterin’
Taco, Flacko, nacho, [?], free throw, [?], free show, yeah
And I’m sicker than y’all
Need a massage, need it regardless
Sicker than y’all
Bleedin’ inside, bleedin’ for profit
Hemorrhage, I took it too far, do it too often
Hemorrhage, I took it too far, I’m clocked out

Clocked out (Clocked out, clocked out, clocked out)
Clocked out (Clocked out)
Clocked out (Clocked out)
Clocked out (Clocked out)
Clocked out

I stood by
While you took your time
So I’ma take mine
I’ma take mine

No one’s Juliet, not what you expect
Please, do not forget, you, ooh-ooh
Owe me many debts, pay me some respect
Girl just turned twenty-two, ooh-ooh
I don’t do no take two, ooh-ooh
I don’t wait, I just choose, ooh-ooh
I don’t need a reason to keep on dreamin’ ’cause I never lose (Lose)
Make no mistake, ooh
I’m on your side until you do, ooh-ooh (And when you do)
I’ll clock out
I’ll clock out, yeah
I’ll clock out

Clocked out