Koffi Olomide & Ninho – Hercule Lyrics

What if, Hercules, when everything changes
And you lost the formula that made you a Hercules
When you retreat, your heart in a heatwave

From dawn to dusk
When you are just a molecule, a simple particle
Some contraption, your tiny destiny
And your capital punishment, mmh

Yak’o bimisa nga prison
My moninga country at the house
Na komi’o losing your mind
Eh, it’s been a long time na lia té candy

Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa

I know where it hurts, alone, lost, blinded by love or by its beauty
Na kozela yo ti na butu, I will remain solo, solo in the mektoub (in the mektoub) Downcast
by love, shot down by life, shot by a woman (by a woman)
There are too many jealous people around us, my baby, we have to go
To tamboli na molili (lili), but today it’s all over (oh)
And outside, there is no one to replace you, that I understood
You loved me too much, I did not respect the contracts (the contracts)
I would show you the beautiful neighborhoods, come on, I don’t ‘take with me
The Eiffel Tower shines at night but your eyes too, I want you for a lifetime

The avenue des Champs-Élysées, we bought it back, love has no price

??? (love has no price)
??? (love has no price)
From morning
till night, I’m waiting for you there (love has no price, love has no price) Mmh, mmh,? ??

Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa

Come on my love, she threw them all at every turn

My baby, the coolest yo zali o ya loto
O yo nobody ???
When love takes you away from its calculations
And your level is equal to that of a dragonfly
When nothing more stimulates you
And night and day, you simulate
Like a cog in a cell
When you are nothing more than a scoundrel
That feelings manipulate
When love inoculates in your brain and your globules
Void and bubbles

Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa
Elongi ya mawa