Jaden – Endless Summer (Remix) Lyrics

Endless Summer (Remix) Lyrics – Jaden

I’ve been getting paid for like seven whole summers (Summers)
Workin’ like a slave, won’t sleep until the sun up (Woo)
Fire in the booth, turn this bitch into a sauna (Yeah)
Movin’ like a hot boy, certified stunner (Yeah)
I’m the best in the game, so these bitches tryna get under
Catch your girl in the rain, she just lookin’ for a come up
I don’t even know her name, but she still gettin’ done up
You are not with the gang, homie, you never one of us (No, never)
They tryna take me under (Under)
It’s like the jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder (It makes me wonder)
Will the pain ever number?
I be thankin’ God we survived those summers
The block is so hot, concrete made us bad, bro
Knock ’em off his feet, now that should make is [?]
In front of police ’cause they still makin’ fat [?]
What type of beast gon’ blast on your backs turned?

I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling
I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling

Egyptian mathematics
Callin’ us and laughin’ at African magic, turned to a habit
Hey, don’t make pull a hat out a rabbit
Ring doomed to a [?], royalty and that’s just a classic
What’s debated takin’ massive classes
But the slavemasters manufactured the plastic, I peep the tactics
And it’s still happenin’
You not welcome here, you and your Black skin
Blood [?] DNA, and the fabric was on the block playin’ Batman and
They just mad ’cause I act different
Runnin’ with my pants with the patches, the flowers pretty, you can [?]
Paleolithic, I’m too Jurassic for these niggas [?] the baddest
Induce electric feel with the [?]
Your boy Jay and he really has it
The weekdays put me in a weak daze
Me, Raury and Joey all on the same track
And we back at it, that’s the true meaning of Black magic, what up?
No gravity, wavy baby, the icon
So [?] he spit a verse as long as a python
You can’t understand the heights that my kites on
Cleaning out your lyrics for [?]
This is like Fight Club, for the written words, spit a poem in reverse
You probably couldn’t spit a verse
Yeah, you did it but I did it first
If I’m lookin’ for a copycat, I never gotta search, it’s right here
Man, I can make the pain disappear for your nightmares
[?] when I cry tears, light years away from the Earth and I’m flying in the higher sphere
Criteria’s too serious, I told you
As the flow has grown delirious
Flow pyramid, the Sphinx [?] erosion with no ocean
I swear your mind is slow pokin’, I’m not jokin’
If the hook wasn’t comin’ I’ll be still goin’

I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling
I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling

Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
The Hills can’t hold me
I sip slow, your window hit with rocks I’m throwing
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
I swear I ring your doorbell, girl, your momma knows me
But I’ll probably just go walk home all alone and feel the breeze (Ayy, yeah, uh)

I get the pen and paper going ’cause it feeds my needs
A young sophisticated one, only queens could see
A Bleeze with ease, into a nice evening
If Shangri-La, nirvana, heaven rest between her knees, I need to see
Need my wings, I need to eat
I need completed pictures
Memories is fading, ah, babe, you know I’m crazy
In internal summer hazes
I know a lotta figures checking ’cause they need the king
Know a lotta niggas testing but believe in me
More weight than your every flow, when I sneeze you geezer
Please believe, you rolling with some G’s Louise
I like to let it auburn like Ebenezer
Give a speech on my Martin Luther
Lose a tooth inside the booth
And you know we only spitting the truth
Indigo vision, you living proof, ayy, waddup?
I don’t wanna roll one, lie again
FaceTime, we was cryin’
Fallin’ alseep in the sky again
Every other month
I’ve been writtin’ my raps all day
Tryna get paid to live [?]
Mrs Trippy Summer and [?] Hippy Parade
And I brought the tide outta the stage
Hey, hey, hey, hey