Three Six Talk Lyrics – Lil Yachty

All I got left is four, I’ma drink it slow
I tote a big two two three, pinch that baby nose
I give a fuck ’bout politics, I just play my role
I drunk three pints, before gym, still be lookin’ swole
I put red dot on his face, like ya mama mole
All I done did, I should move into a [?]
Bad boujee bitch off IG, suck a nigga soul
Drake by my side, like a Glock, no I could never fold
Broke nigga mad cause I’m rich and I fuck more hoes
Lil bitch still tourin’ round my house, we gon’ cut her toes
What happened to that one nigga? Shit, we’ll never know
House so damn big, at the end, it’s a pot of gold
Heard how they move, when they goal is to wipe my nose
My nose too dry, if it’s lick, someone gotta go
I might max out, off the X, God was speakin’ back
Niggas hit my [?], and took my shhh, imma play with that
I’ll pay for spinners fore’ I pay for that- back
Nigga D tote a five, stop em’ with that mac
Pourin’ up this Quakin, fuck around and have a heart attack
Slime had a drought, in they spot like an architect
[?] cost a rack, it ain’t never match
Matchin’ with my whips, like I’m TIP, I keep twenty straps
Niggas freakin’ out, I keep calm, cause it’s under raps
Ridin’ with that Sig, bullets big, it could kill a calf
Cup filled with red, like it’s goin’ down statistics graph
Graduate from school and only thing I actually use is math

Carry each diamond, gold AP, nigga do the math (Yeah)
She been sucking’ dick for three hours, she needa take a bath (Yeah)
Box of [?] eight five wagu, when I eat the cab
Trackhawk, with the wide body, it’s gon’ leave the tags (Whew)
Finna fire them niggas who took that shiii, imma get em’ brrddd
Ya nigga testify and you still with em, that make you a rat
I poured a six of the Keisha, that’s gon’ bring me back
I just pulled up in a car, that you could never have
Spin his block, so we leavin’ his [?]
Bought some Rick and go to chrome
Gettin’ cash, ain’t ever home
With my Glock, I’m not alone
You not legit, not fuckin’ witchu
It’s just us, get out the picture
Do it, bet that choppa stick em’
Screw it, let’s go handle business (Yeah)

Now she see that you got motion, she want our forgiveness
When that light one on me, I know that weren’t payin’ attention
I’m tryna run up these M’s, and quadruple that
Niggas say they be in the gym, but we ain’t seen a stack
White and gold, bust down Cartier’s, it’s a yey party
I’m always on time with this shit, you could as Ashanti
I could talk that three six talk, why that syrup got me
And I know, that I’m God body, we made like John Gotti
Concrete boys, niggas know it’s us
They ain’t seein’ what we seein’
Boat just pulled up in that double M, it was one of fifteen
All my niggas stand fuckin’ tall, on everything they mean
You niggas, hide behind the cameras, yo’ life behind the scenes

Boy, whew, whew, whew
Yeah, yeah, yeah, mafia, yeah, mafia, yeah, mafia
Us, brrd