Bites The Dust (Drill Sensei Mashup) Lyrics – MizOrMac

Ay Bis, tell ’em I’m Harlem oh, oh, oh
Harlem only, Kennington baby, star with a hood beat flow
Aydee do snow in O
Bisty do green like grow
Spartan, we push things in smoke
Love, nah, nah, we ain’t giving no hope
I ain’t Romeo and now hold, hold
Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie waiting on me for a “Yo”
In the back is Jo, I ride in shotgun, the driver’s unknown
Two wheels, two men, one skeng, come ped, let’s see who gets home
Skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, see man run like I ain’t involved
My main bitch is my flick, my side bitch is my stick
S.A with that black blade, yeah, one flick and get dipped
Blood drip off the dip dip, it’s a splash ting when we grip
It’s Harlem, bitch, Spartans looking all Harlem-ish
HS Gaza strip, splash splash like Kanye and Kim