Yungeen Ace – Who I Smoke Lyrics

And I need you (Hey, Drilltime, ha)
And I miss you
And now I wonder
If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by?
‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you
Tonight (Drilltime, what you cookin’, nigga?)

Ayy, when I see you, I’ma push your shit back, boy
Choppa get to spittin’ through your set, we don’t fight, boy
Twelve paramedics couldn’t save your fuckin’ life, boy
Rod K dead and he never comin’ back, boy
We gon’ treat this bitch like a match how we strike, boy
Left his ass in the street, this the end of your life, boy
Last thing your ass see, a flashlight on this MAC spark
Bro, these niggas soft as hell, all these niggas, they just act hard

I’ma shoot this bitch, when I motherfuckin’ see you (And I need you)
I don’t go nowhere without my motherfuckin’ heat Ku (And I need you)
Smokin’ on Lil Peedy, I was smokin’ Trey D too (And I need you)
Free my nigga Max ’til they motherfuckin’ free you (And I need you)
Knock a nigga out, boy, you can get your ass beat too (And I need you)
Lil’ ho, you trippin’, baby girl, I don’t need you (And I need you)
You could walk a thousand miles and I still don’t wanna see you (And I need you)
I got the whole city scared, these niggas know what we do (And I need you)
(Hol’ up)

Who I smoke? (Who?) Bibby (And I need you)
Who I smoke? (Who?) Teki (And I miss you)
Who I smoke? (Who?) Lil Nine (And I need you)
And now I wonder (And I miss you)

Where the opps at? Got a lo’, I told ’em “Drop that” (And I miss you)
FN and it spittin’, one in the head, ain’t gotta cock it back (And I miss you)
Know I’m smokin’ Jitt, and one thing, they just can’t get him back (And I miss you, smokin’ who?)
In the splat, back-to-back, (Skrrt), spin the block we double back (And I m—)
My killer make his face go, that’s one thing ’bout Ksoo (Ksoo)
No Hospital Gang, boy, you know that shit a case close (NHG)
Want him dead, bust his head, all I do is say, “Go” (Got get ’em)
Drop a opp, drop a thot, eeny-meeny-miny-mo (Eeny-meeny)

I tote the rocket when I travel, I’m pistol packin’ in Houston (I’m pistol packin’ in Hous’)
I was lurkin’ on his page and I caught him lackin’ in Houston (We back)
We let off shots, he got shot and went live (I went live)
I was tweakin’ like “Fuck, man, that bitch ain’t die” (We’ll go)
When they diss on two times, we gon’ spin a few times (And I need you)
Glock .23 for two, three, let off rounds ’til you die (And I miss you, ’til you die)
Jumpout thought shit was sweet, ’til we found out the drop (And I need you, yeah)
Found out where that boy workin’, then boy clocked ’em out (And I miss you)
(Ayy, hol’ up)

Who I smoke? (Who?) Bibby (And I miss you)
Who I smoke? (Who?) Teki (And I miss you)
Who I smoke? (Who?) Lil Nine (And I miss you)
And now I wonder (And I m—)

And I miss you
And I miss you
And I miss you