Chubby & The Gang – Coming Up Tough Lyrics

Chubby & The Gang – Coming Up Tough Lyrics

You was a kid, what did you know?
Mum threw you out to the rain and the snow.
You came up tough, but it weren’t enough to stop you going down.

Against you the cards were stacked.
Anything you said was a fucking fact.

You did some crime, you weren’t that wrong.
They sent you down for fucking long.
The world moves past your jail cell.
This place is worse than hell.
On the outside they say it’s fine but none of them have ever done no time.

You never thought your life would be gone in a blink.
You went and lost your head now have time to think.

How can you prove ‘em wrong if no one even gave you a chance?

Between the cats and the gangs there ain’t no place for you to hang.
You spend your days in your bed, running phone calls through your head.
They made an example out of you, but what did examples ever prove?