Ashley Cooke – Under Lyrics

I was under the impression
This drink would get me gone not second guessing
But here I am last call again still asking questions

I don’t know the answer to
It’s like I’m stuck in that rear view
Ain’t my fault, I’ve done all they say to do

Got drunk under the neon lights
Slung dirt up under 35s
To go and be there underneath them sheets with someone new
Swept the hurt under the rug
Done everything under the sun
So I don’t understand baby why I can’t get over you

No I Don’t understand
Baby Why I can’t…

Outrun a memory
Foggin’ up the glass at the loxahatchee levy
Cause now I’m wishing on stars like a water fountain penny
That I could either get you back or just forget about what we had
Right here in between is killin me yeah


I underestimated just how hard it was gonna be
Gettin over you gettin over me