Lil Yachty – No More Parties Freestyle Lyrics

I can tell n**gas jelly by the way they look
Pray to God my Glock don’t jam
Lord knows I don’t hook
Pull up and I made ya look
Pockets full of Oregon ducks
Click on smart shooters
Stick on him while readin’ books
Free my n**gas out the cell, he is not a crook
He just got some crooked ways but I think they shook
Why they wanna hate me
Prolly ’cause I made ten million as a baby

No new friends, no
Same words that I been with
2020 been s**t, huh, I’ll advance it
We don’t do no, mh, public transit
When I throw the tangent, mm
P**sy n**gas sayin’ s**t
Same s**t that got yo’ mans hit

I can’t stand it, really with some rich bandits
Put like fifty thousand inside some toast and made a sandwich
Call my phone like a sex ho, if it’s ’bout the cream just like Maxo
Caught lookin’ like that and get yo’ back broke

Fine as a motherf**ker was
Skip the games, baby, can I f**k
I walk around with these racks on me
Stick and my Ricks, we gon’ tax homie, yeah
I just want some mouth, don’t try and latch on me
I don’t wear Amiri’s, Carhartt slacks on me
Why these n**gas still poor
It’s 2021, we can all score, for real

It’s us…

Thuggin’ in my Reeboks, ten milli’, big Glocks, huh
In a big truck, f**k around, make your ears pop
F**k with me, gang’ll do some’ to you, make your tears drop
Hit ’em off, no wifey, only boy, I don’t Sears shop
F**k around, might move to Michigan and get my peers hot
Trustworthy, uh, I think not, we’ll wipe snot
Three lines, gon’ make it look like wine in a clear pot
Ride around with the same weapon, ain’t get deer shot

No rearviews in my life, leave that s**t behind me
I was only eighteen years old when Kanye tried to sign me
N**gas gangsters online ’til you see ’em named Mahatma Gandhi
Better tell my b**ch, Let’s get a b**ch that’s tatted like Kehlani
If she tell me yes, I’ll let you know the when and where’s to find me
N**gas always thinkin’ that they wildin’, steady tryna guide me
Finna blind me, standin’ in my way, they need to get behind me
Every day I ride with a rocket like my first name Johnny

White diamonds got more colors than a Murakami
B**ch thought I was Japanese, I folded just like origami
Used to sleep in front of sho.., now I got an eighty-inch Sony
Rich as hell, used to be broke, f**ked up, eatin’ bologna
N**gas not like us, we get to the money
How the f**k we wipe his nose and we still left it runnin’
How you flower them to your name Man, you n**gas bummin’
‘Member tryna get kids to game, they ain’t listen to me

Oh well
It’s us…