W O L F C L U B – A Sea of Stars Lyrics

You held your hand out across a starlit sea
And you said to the waves you want to sail with me
A shadow silhouettes in the fire on the beach
And we hoped that we could stay here just another week

Keep the car running cause it’s cold outside
And you know you’re never going to be alone tonight
And the sea is deep and the world is wide
As we’re watching where the waves and the stars align, and collide

Please don’t look away
Rest your head upon my shoulder
I was wondering if you could be my ride
Please don’t walk away
I can’t bare that it’s over
I was wondering if you could be… I was wondering if you could be my ride

You can keep it to yourself cause i already know
And the setting sun tells us that it’s time to go
And we move to fast but it feels so slow
With the night sky dissolving as I dance alone